Perkins: Your Good Works Are All Imperfect And Mixed With Corruption

The child of God is like a lame man that goes the right way, but yet halts at every step. Abraham and Sarah desire issue, that is from the Spirit; but they desire issue by Hagar their handmaid, that is from the flesh. Rebekah seeks the blessing for Jacob, that is a work of the Spirit; but she seeks it by lying, that is from the flesh. Peter eats with the Gentiles, that is from Christian liberty. He afterwards separates himself, that is from corruption. Thus we see that the best works are imperfect and mixed with corruption, and that for the best works we must humble ourselves and seek pardon, not in respect of the goodness of the work, but in respect of the defect thereof.

William Perkins, Commentary on Galatians, in Works, 2:103 (HT: Inwoo Lee).


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  1. Thanks for the sermon padding! I’ll be using it tomorrow on my BC #24 part IV sermon entitled “The Value of Good Works”…would it be plagiarism to give the full credit to Perkins or am I bound to mention the hand (blogger) who gave it to me?

      • I mentioned you anyway just the same. It’s cheap advertising for the Blog, where I am delighted to send folks for sound instruction and spiritual benefit. These quotes you cull are just priceless. Keep up the good work Dr. Clark

  2. Quotes? Did someone say quotes? “Augustine’s argument against the Pelagians is so supremely excellent that almost all his other works seem rather dull in comparison.” – Philip Melancthon, Loci Communes, 1, III. 1521. Tr. Christian Preuss. St Louis: Concordia, 2015. p. 29.

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