The Legal-Eschatological Religion And Racism

2017 is a “Reformation Year.” It is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses and an opportunity to remember the Reformation basics. One of those is the distinction between law and gospel. One of the five most basic distinctions Luther recovered for . . . Continue reading →

Houston, We Do Have A Problem

The traditional definition of racism, the definition that I learned as a boy and that was generally accepted until recently is this: racism (rāˌsizəm) noun. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s . . . Continue reading →

The Wild Card

Race is the wild card in all this. The idea that you can tell who is innocent and who is guilty by the color of their skin is a notion that was tried out for generations, back in the days of the . . . Continue reading →

Samuel Miller Contra The Peculiar Institution

Pride, indeed, may contend, that these unhappy subjects of our oppression are an inferior race of beings; and are therefore assigned by the strictest justice to a depressed and servile station in society. But in what does this inferiority consist? In a . . . Continue reading →

How Historic Reformed Worship Is Multicultural

Racial division is reality, and it’s a tragic reality, when it isn’t necessitated by language barriers. During the Apostolic era, Jews and Gentiles joined hands and worshiped alongside one another. The cultural gulf that had separated them was every bit as extreme . . . Continue reading →

Are You Shocked When I Ascend To The Pulpit?

I think it’s unfortunate that one of the reasons I didn’t receive a call to your church was because you weren’t ready for a dynamic black preacher. I know I’m black, and thank you for acknowledging that I am dynamic, but I . . . Continue reading →