What Social Media Teaches Us About Law, Gospel, Forgiveness, And Grace

Carson King is a 23-year old Des Moines man who held up a sign at a televised college football game announcing, “Busch Lite supply needs replenished.” It was a joke but people began sending him money via the Venmo appl. When he . . . Continue reading →

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Cancel Culture

‪Cancel culture has nothing to do with truth, justice, or the American way. It is the exercise of power under the guise of victimhood. ‬

by R. Scott Clark on Thursday, July 9, 2020, at 6:53 AM | 1 Reply

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More On Cancel Culture

Steven Pinker is correct. It is Orwellian to demand jot and tittle conformity (in civil life—we live in a twofold kingdom).

It is also Orwellian to deny that “cancel culture” exists. Certainly it exists. It is gaslighting to contribute to it by denying that it exists. The evidence for its existence is right before us. About 15 signatories to the recent public letter defending free speech remained anonymous for fear of the consequences of being found to be politically incorrect.

Example: I am thinking of a simple declarative sentence that is undeniably true and reasonable but to say it risks the irrational wrath of the mob. I will not say it now because the potential cost outweighs the benefit.

That is cancel culture.

by R. Scott Clark on Saturday, July 11, 2020, at 8:27 AM | 7 Replies

Pinker: Cancel Culture Is Orwellian

Steven Pinker, the Harvard psychology professor and bestselling author, who was one of the signatories of the letter to Harper’s protesting against a climate of intolerance, has claimed he is the target of an “Orwellian” attack on his reputation. … “It’s utterly . . . Continue reading →

With Presbycast On Cancel Culture And Calvinist Pirates

As always we had a good time on the old Presbycast Hayride, Jamboree, and Barn Dance. Chortles told us the story of the Huguenot Pirates—real pirates, not “piratical” pretenders hitting defense flower vases with baseball bats or setting harmless grass alight—and the . . . Continue reading →

Katz: I Survived Attempted Cancelation

I emphatically do not want anyone to come away with the impression that I feel victimized. Yes, I’m bruised and angry, and sad because so many people who privately say they agree with me are too frightened to state their opinions publicly. . . . Continue reading →

The Smart Set Think That The Cancelled Had It Coming

A lot of smart, progressive people these days seem to think that this kind of public defrocking is appropriate, just, and even necessary. This general tendency veers too close to Salem and the Cultural Revolution for comfort, and its defenders should be . . . Continue reading →

Machen’s Antidote To Political Correctness

Of course, Machen himself believed that the church should be intolerant. But the kind of intolerance he advocated was theological, not political. He believed that the church’s primary task was to proclaim the Gospel, and that this task required careful attention to . . . Continue reading →

Of Luther, Limbaugh, And Losers (Relax, It’s A Joke)

On this date in 1546 Martin Luther went to be with our Savior, Jesus. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh died and we hope that he too was received into the loving arms of the Savior. Both men were in desperate need of the unconditional . . . Continue reading →

Trueman: What To Do With Dead Sinners Redux?

Cancel culture shows no signs of abatement. The Spectator in Britain ended the year speculating on whether comedy itself will now be a thing of the past. Cancel culture is incompatible with comedy and humor. Meanwhile, the venomous reactions to those who . . . Continue reading →