Katz: I Survived Attempted Cancelation

I emphatically do not want anyone to come away with the impression that I feel victimized. Yes, I’m bruised and angry, and sad because so many people who privately say they agree with me are too frightened to state their opinions publicly. But everyone has the right to free speech—my critics and I equally. I am certain that the university president was motivated by a concern for the Princeton community, as I was. We were both defending people we believe have been wronged. Each of us has every right to do this, and while we disagree about what constitutes offensive rhetoric, this is not a scandal. It should be normal for people with differing views to criticize each other in a civil fashion. Read more»

Joshua T. Katz, “I Survived Cancellation at Princeton,” Wall Street Journal, July 26, 2020.

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  1. Maybe the time has come for institutions to openly declare their ideological/theological positions.

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