What The Prophets Knew

In taking the comfort of the prophetic promises to our hearts we do not, perhaps, always realize what after the tempests and tumults, in the brief seasons of clear shining which God interposed, such relief must have meant to the prophets themselves. . . . Continue reading →

Katz: I Survived Attempted Cancelation

I emphatically do not want anyone to come away with the impression that I feel victimized. Yes, I’m bruised and angry, and sad because so many people who privately say they agree with me are too frightened to state their opinions publicly. . . . Continue reading →

Machen’s Private Racism And Contemporary Public Segregationism

Andrew Bertodatti and Rasool Berry, two pastors in New York City, have written a lengthy critique of a new book by Owen Strachan. My interest in this essay is not to engage with Strachan’s book, which I have not read, nor to . . . Continue reading →