Andy Ngo, Jonathan Turley, Et Al Testify Before Congress On Antifa

Antifa was expressly founded as a movement at war with free speech, defining the right itself as a tool of oppression. That is also clearly stated in this handbook. The signature of the group is a self-righteous, rage-fueled violence that parallels Fascistic groups that they claim to oppose. Tellingly, the Antifa handbook begins with the quote, “Fascism is not to be debated. It is to be destroyed.” And Fascism is a term that morphs into a wide variety of targets deemed unacceptable by Antifa, from Capitalism to Patriarchy to Police. Antifa bears strong resemblance to groups that emerged in earlier periods of attacks on free speech like the Red Scare. Simply by replacing anti-communism with anti-fascism does not materially change the same anti-free-speech purpose of these movements.

Jonathan Turley Testimony to Congress August 4, 2020.

NB: The Southern Poverty Law Center, to which one of the senators appealed near the end of the video has been discredited. See:

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