Heidelcast For April 21, 2024: “Feathers And All:” The Scriptures Are Enough (10)

In this episode Dr Clark looks at what the Bible says about prophets, beginning with the pattern established by God in Deuteronomy 18. The opening audio comes from the Car Talk podcast.

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The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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  1. Really enjoy feathers are not enough… reinforces sound bible approaches… reformed yes, but also how to read English…

    why would John Darby fail to read the scriptures with figurative language… same for Pentecostals…?

    Mike s…
    Ltcol usmc [retired]
    Virginia Beach, va

  2. Was at the wedding this weekend, where the pastor stressed, the importance of covenant in the marriage. He did not liken the covenant to a contract, with a contract, one receives something, and is expected to give something back. A covenant is an unbreakable agreement. “Regardless of you giving me love, I will love you” It was profound and biblical.

    • JP,

      A marriage is a wonderful illustration of the covenant of grace. That’s why Paul appeals to it as such in Ephesians but there are consequent obligations. Gross sexual immorality within marriage is one of those and our Lord himself cites it in Matt 19 and a ground for divorce. Consequent obligations don’t turn the relationship into a purely legal thing but they still exist.

      • Indeed. God‘s covenant with Israel is a prime example of grace, even when Israel was unfaithful, He remained faithful. I think this is what the pastor was trying to bring across, not giving permission for unfaithfulness, but thinking of the other rather than oneself


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