Heidelminicast—Calvin On The Experience Of The Reprobate In The Covenant Of Grace

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  1. I LOVE Heidelcast! Thank you so much! I’ve sent these to a # of Folks! Keep them coming please! My wife and I are relocating from NorCal to SoCal late next spring, and we will visit Escondido by summer! I moved to Escondido in August 1978 as a very young man from Indiana, but then relocated for work in both LA & then to Sacramento-1981.
    We are staunch Calvinists and still thrilled about this! Lord Bless ye all and your very VIP and xlnt work! We are VERY impressed!✝️📖🛐 Titus3:5 and 2:11-3:11! Jesus IS Lord!✝️📖😊👍❤️

      • I did work at the major data center-engineering dept.-for 3+ years in Sacramento during the late 90s, but did not desire to continue in engineering…I thought better of continuing there!(Thank You, Jesus!)✝️📖 Very impressed w/your ministries and all involved! Thank you much, George! Yahweh Bless ye all down there!😊

  2. Rob – you didn’t happen to work at certain data centers in either the LA area or Sacramento by any chance? The two locations plus moving from Indiana sound very coincidental.

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