Heidelcast For October 16, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (21): Fifth Head Of Doctrine (1)

In this episode, Dr. Clark continues his series on the Canons of Dort where we are looking at the Fifth Head of Doctrine, specifically looking at how Synod interpreted the Remonstrant doctrine of perseverance as seen through their Rejection of Errors. This helps us today not only to see why Synod took the Remonstrant doctrine so seriously but also to understand various errors pervasive in the modern church. He also answers questions from Jerry, who asked about the difference between administration and substance of the sacraments, and from Daniel who asked about whether or not someone circumcised still needs to be baptized. He answers an email from Mark who asks about about special revelation during the Canonical period, from Craig who wants to know if Arminians can hold to covenant theology, as well as from listeners Romero and Nicholas. Thanks to Victor, Jason, and Daniel for their words of encouragement! The opening audio clip is from Ministry Minded.

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