Dr. Clark With NoCo Radio On The Federal Vision (Part 2)

Fun, frivolity, and even serious discussions about important issues ensue when our own Dr. Clark sits down to talk with HB contributor Mike Abendroth, on his radio show, No Compromise Radio. You can subscribe to NoCo Radio and listen to the episode in its native environment here»

Here is the HB audio archive of the episode. This is part 2 of 2 episodes.

For more on the Federal Vision theology see the resources below.


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  1. The list of “Columbo-like” diagnostic questions was helpful. It demonstrates that the FV is not complicated. It was complicated to me until I spent some time on the resource page.
    – is there more than one way of being in the covenant of grace (internal vs external).
    – what does baptism do? Does baptism confer all of the benefits of Christ or is it a sign and a seal of what is true of believers?
    – is faith knowledge, ascent, and trust, or is it loyalty, fidelity, and faithfulness?
    – how many stages are there of justification?
    – why are you giving communion to your infants?

  2. Dr. Clark, is there any way to view the interaction between Sanchez and Sandlin that Mike mentioned? Are the quotes from Sandlin’s book captured somewhere else?

  3. I enjoyed this! Yes, in spite of his claim that he believes in justification by grace alone, through faith alone in the imputed righteousness of Christ, in about the same breath Wilson will claim that you retain your place in the covenant of grace through your faithFULNESS! That at the last judgment God will look at your life to see if you have indeed done your part for acceptance with God! What a wolf in the sheep pen!

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