About Mike Abendroth

Mike Abendroth (MDiv, DMin) is Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church (West Boyleston, MA), where he has served since 1997. He is host of No Compromise Radio and author of Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers (2007), The Sovereignty and Supremacy of King Jesus (2011), Things that Go Bump in the Church (2014), Discovering Romans (2014), Sexual Fidelity (2015) and Evangelical White Lies (2016). He is married with with four children. When not enjoying his family he is often found on a bicycle.

Flannelgraph Preaching (Part 1)

Flannelgraphs, alternatively named flannel boards, are sturdy panels covered with flannel. Displayed on an easel, they facilitate the telling of stories, usually in the small nooks and crannies of basements (called “classrooms”) in many Christian church buildings. While most basements reek of . . . Continue reading →

Vos: Don’t Give Stones For Bread

In the Judaistic controversy which shook the early church, forces and tendencies were at work deeply rooted in the sinful human heart. In modernized apparel they confront us still to the present day. There are still abroad forms of a Christless Gospel. . . . Continue reading →

Secret And Sinister Messages From God: Does God Speak Outside Of His Word? (3)

There is another matter to ponder in this debate: many people want God to talk like a lover, a physical lover, personally, privately, with whispers. I wish I did not have to write that last sentence. Of course, Jesus is the lover . . . Continue reading →

Secret And Sinister Messages From God: Does God Speak Outside Of His Word? (1)

Sadly, married couples resort to many tactics when they argue and spar verbally but on occasion I have heard that they can resort to giving each other “the silent treatment.” Instead of talking through the issues and communicating properly, they simply do . . . Continue reading →

Fables, Friendship, and Living the Gospel: Why the Gospel Matters (Part 3)

The concept of “friendship evangelism” is very popular with this generation. If friendship evangelism means that Christians are to be friendly to unbelievers and preach the good news to them, then that is wonderful and should be encouraged. But all too often . . . Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 3): Assurance

In part 2, we considered the case of the Rich Young Ruler. In this final installment, let us consider one of the most important passages in this debate: Romans 2:13. Advantage #4–Giving Assurance to Believers LS regularly calls into question a person’s . . . Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 2): Test Case—The Rich Young Ruler

In part 1 we considered the definition of Lordship Salvation and the Reformation distinction between Law and Gospel. If you read the “rich young ruler” passage in Matthew 19:16-30 as the LS folks frequently do, you will see Jesus calling people to . . . Continue reading →

My Pilgrimage From “Lordship” to Law/Gospel (part 1)

Though the Lordship Salvation doctrine (hereafter LS)  has many distinguishing characteristics, the one I want to address is its view of the gospel and the unbeliever’s response to it. What Is The “Lordship Salvation” Doctrine? In brief, LS regularly teaches that unbelievers . . . Continue reading →