New In Print: Gospel Assurance: A 31 Day Guide to Assurance

Christians often ask great questions about the doctrine of assurance of salvation:


  • What is assurance of salvation?
  • Do you know that you are going to heaven when you die?
  • Is Assurance possible in this life?
  • Can a Christian temporarily lose their assurance?
  • How is Jesus Christ related to assurance?
  • How can a Christian keep assurance?

Assurance of salvation is one of the most highly prized commodities in the with world. If you do not have assurance of your salvation, you long for it. If you have assurance, you rightly want to keep it. This Christ-centered book will encourage every Christian to navigate the doctrine of assurance., all the while directing their attention to the Lord Jesus Christ. This volume contains articles from one twenty different theological heavyweights and every reader will benefit from this well-rounded selection of chapters by men with pastoral hearts. These under-shepherds of Christ want every reader to understand and experience assurance.

Gospel Assurance: A 31 Day Guide to Assurance is available now for $14.99.

See the resources below for more on assurance.


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    Mike Abendroth (MDiv, DMin) is Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church (West Boyleston, MA), where he has served since 1997. He is host of No Compromise Radio and author of Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers (2007), The Sovereignty and Supremacy of King Jesus (2011), Things that Go Bump in the Church (2014), Discovering Romans (2014), Sexual Fidelity (2015) and Evangelical White Lies (2016). He is married with with four children. When not enjoying his family he is often found on a bicycle.

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