Two Orthodox Presbyterian Moms Building Relationships In An Age Of Alienation And Mistrust

For students across campus, there’s nothing quite as calming as a call home to mom. But from distanced relationships to hectic schedules, this comfort is not so accessible to everyone.

Thanks to “Ask A Mom” creators Lori Rose and Sue Jackson, the care of home is now never farther than a short walk away. Bringing along Sue’s homemade cookies and Lori’s 9-year-old welsh springer spaniel, Ellie, the duo has created a free advice stand defined as all heart and ears for college students.

… Allowing the community to walk up with any question, Rose and Jackson have created a unique outlet available to everyone, inspired by their personal values of faithful goodness put into practice for Penn State students.

“Our goal for ourselves is to love God and love our neighbors, to show kindness to others, and to provide an opportunity for students to talk to an older woman when their own mom isn’t readily available,” Rose said. “It’s also as simple as giving students the opportunity to pet a dog and have a cookie with no strings attached, just to brighten their day.” Read more»

Lizzie Palmieri | “Ask A Mom: State College Moms Spread Kindness On Campus With Free Advice Stand” | October 5, 2022 (HT: OPC)


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