Heidelcast 223: From Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (1)—Introduction To The Canons Of Dort

In this episode Dr Clark begins a new series on the Canons of Dort (1619). When people outside of the Reformed churches think about Reformed theology, they often think of the so-called “Five Points,” or TULIP. As it turns out, there is a lot more to the Canons of Dort than the five points or horticulture. The Canons were drafted and adopted by a Synod in response to five complaints (Remonstrance) put forward by a group known as the Remonstrants, who were deeply influenced by the teaching of Jacob Arminius (1560–1609). He was a bright, articulate, minister and theologian in the Dutch Reformed Churches who suffered a great loss as a young man and who, in response to that tragedy and under the influence of a Roman Catholic theory of about what God knows about our choices (Monism or Middle Knowledge) revised Reformed theology significantly. Be sure to check out the resources on the Synod and Canons of Dort in the show notes below. In this episode Dr Clark also answers Heideltexts and Heidelmails from Justin about connections between the doctrine of Lordship Salvation and theonomy; from Anonymous about how Christ entered a room with a locked door; about what basic apologetics texts he recommends—he said Van Til’s Apologetics but he meant to say Defense of the Faith; from Jon about what it means to talk about preaching the gospel to one’s self; from Nick about how to approach his pastor about a possible theological disagreement; from Ed asking about recommended commentaries on Galatians (hint: RHB has published William Perkins’ wonderful commentary on Galatians); and from Caleb about whether to stay in or leave an Arminian congregation now that he has become Reformed. He also reads an email from Chad about how Recovering the Reformed Confession helped him and from Julia about how listening to the Heidelcast on her morning commute in the UK has helped her theologically and spiritually.

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  1. Dr. Godfrey has a recent book out on Dort (Saving the Reformation) that includes all-new translations of the Canons from the Latin original. I used it as the basis for teaching an adult Sunday school class during the 400th anniversary year.

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