Heidelcast 216: Our Father (6): “Your Kingdom Come”

In this episode we answer a Heideltext and an email. The first is a question about how it is that the Baptists (from a Reformed perspective) confuse the divine decree with the external administration of the covenant of grace. The second is question about what to make about an old family legend that a minister received a direct revelation from the Lord, which led to grandparents coming to faith. Then we turn to the second petition of the Lord’s Prayer as we continue our series, Our Father. What does it mean to pray for the coming the Kingdom and how does the Kingdom come? Does it come through cultural transformation? Does it come when all the nations are converted or in some other way?



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Show Notes

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  1. Thanks so much for your work. I like your term, “semi-realized eschatology.” Are you familiar with Dr. Greg Beale’s teaching on what he calls, “inaugurated eschatology? “ If so, do you see these ideas as having a great deal of overlap? If not, in what ways do they differ? Thanks again.

  2. Dr. Clark,

    Thanks for answering my question about the decree and the external administration of the Covenant of Grace. The terminology was messing me up, but as you stated, Baptists try to get rid of or do away with the external administration in the New Covenant administration. Using this language makes more sense to me; this is how I understood it when I was a Baptist. Thanks again for all your work on the Heidlecast and Heidelblog. I continue to benefit from all your work, and I know countless others do too.


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