Heidelcast 170: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (16): Life Among The Pagans (Again)

This is episode 16 in the series, As It Was In The Days Of Noah, where we’re thinking about eschatology, about what 1 Peter teaches us about end times and about life in between the ascension of Christ and his return. According to Peter, we are living in days like Noah, as our Lord said. People are marrying and giving in marriage, Noah was announcing the gospel of free salvation and the coming judgment, and then the flood came. So it is for us. We are waiting for a flood and the Savior and we’re announcing his death, resurrection, ascension, and return. Just as in Noah’s day, many mock saying, “Where is the promise of his coming?” (2 Pet 3:4) but the Lord uses the announcing of the gospel to bring his elect to new life and true faith. When a group faces external pressure, criticism, or perhaps even persecution of some kind it may lead to internal fractures and schism. The Apostle Peter was aware of this possibility among the congregations in (modern) Turkey. He has been urging them to respond appropriately to those outside the congregation and how such pressure and persecution ought not prompt us to want to retaliate against the pagans but to develop certain Christian virtues.



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  1. This series is very helpful. I hope more people discover your work as our comfortable “Christian culture” is on its way out. Exiles hasn’t been more a appropriate a term to apply to the Faithful in a long time.

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