Heidelcast 161: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (8): The Good News Of Salvation Was Announced In One Covenant Of Grace

In this series we are considering the eschatology in 1 & 2 Peter, i.e., the relations between heaven and earth, between the end of all things and now, and life between the ascension of Christ and his visible, noisy, bodily return. Peter was explaining to the churches of Asia Minor (Turkey) how it was that Jesus is now King, how he is now reigning over all things generally and the church specially and yet they were still suffering. They were asking the same questions as the churches to whom the Apostle John wrote the Revelation. The churches were suffering. Christians were suffering and that did not make sense so Peter had to explain how Jesus’ kingdom is both present and future. This is why the analogy with Noah is so important. Just as it was in Noah’s day so it is in ours. Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, preached through his prophet Noah but most mocked Noah. So it was in Peter’s day and so it is in ours. Just as in Noah’s day, people were saying then (and now), “Where is the promise of his coming?” As you will here, there are scholars (and their acolytes) who dismiss Christianity as just another failed apocalyptic religion, i.e., just another failed promise of the end of the world. This is just one reason why it is so important to understand what Peter is saying here. We also discuss the unity of the covenant of grace, the reliability of the Scripture and other important topics.


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