Reconsidering The Covenant Of Works


If one learned Reformed theology, in the English-speaking world, before 2005 the probabilities are that the version learned did not include either the covenant of works between God and Adam before the fall or the eternal covenant between the Father and the Son . . . Continue reading →

Manton: Lent Is Just Another Phony Tradition

That they [Romanists] cry up a private, unproved, unwritten tradition of their own, as of equal authority with this safe and full rule, which is contained in this written Word of God. Their crime and fault may be considered, partly with respect . . . Continue reading →

Leigh: Paradise Was A Little Model Of Heaven

Paradise signifies a garden, the word being translated out of Greek into Latin, and so into French and English. In Hebrew it is called Heden, which signifies delights, a garden of all manner of delights, a place beset with all kind of . . . Continue reading →

Church Commitment And The Costliness of Being A Flake


Guest Post by Leon M. Brown Are you a flake? That is, are you someone who illegitimately withdraws from commitments and self-righteously justifies your departure? Dr. Andrea Bonior, in May 2012, published an article for Psychology Today, where, in her introduction, she . . . Continue reading →

With Janet Mefferd On The Social Gospel


Here’s today’s episode of Janet Mefferd Today in which we discussed the “social gospel,” Walter Rauschenbusch, the emergent/emerging church movement and what it means that evangelicals seem to be heading back to this well for inspiration. We also talked about some alternative . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 99: The Noah Paradigm


Christians in the USA live in an increasingly confused, confusing time. Hostility to the faith seems to be increasing. We seem to be witnessing a growing hostility even to the very idea that there is such a thing as nature with fixed . . . Continue reading →

Grammar Guerrilla: Proud, Prideful; Converse, Conversate


HB reader Barbara asks, “Is conversate a word? I am a nurse and see other nurses using it in their progress notes. Example: ‘The resident was seen conversating with her room mate.’ Thanks Barbara. That is a good question. In English verbs, . . . Continue reading →

Strangers And Aliens (15a): Turning The Other Cheek (1 Peter 3:8–12)


When a group faces external pressure, criticism, or perhaps even persecution of some kind it may lead to internal fractures and schism. The Apostle Peter was aware of this possibility among the congregations in (modern) Turkey. He has been urging them to respond appropriately to those outside the congregation but in this section he turns his attention to those within the congregation. How ought they to relate to one another? Continue reading →

Dort On Law And Gospel

5. In the same light are we to consider the law of the Decalogue, delivered by God to His peculiar people, the Jews, by the hands of Moses. For though it reveals the greatness of sin,1 and more and more convinces man . . . Continue reading →