May A Christian College Administer Communion?

Communion Elements

Andy Smith writes to ask about the administration of communion outside of the visible, institutional church. Specifically he writes to ask whether a Christian college or university may administer communion in chapel or in some other setting but the question is whether . . . Continue reading →

Why Some Baptists Do Not Call Themselves “Reformed”

We don’t call ourselves Reformed Baptists because we reserve the word Reformed for people who are actually Reformed.” —”Chuck Finney” (A Baptist Minister) on Presbycast episode 13 “Undead Unificating“

Office Hours: Who Is Jesus?

Office Hours Video

Until very recently most people probably had some idea who they thought Jesus is. The Jews regarded him as a traitorous blasphemer. Muslims regard him as a failed prophet (who did not die nor was raised) who was succeeded by Mohammad. Liberal . . . Continue reading →