Calvin On The Covenant Of Works

Because what God so severely punished must have been no light sin but a detestable crime, we must consider what species of sin (peccati) there was in Adam’s fall that kindled God’s horrible vengeance against the whole human race. To regard Adam’s . . . Continue reading →

Facts, Evidence, Wisdom, And Gossip


I’m not sure why, as a child, the TV show Dragnet captured my attention and imagination. Perhaps it was the theme song with its beat and blaring horns or perhaps it was the staccato, film-noir dialogue or the claim that the episodes . . . Continue reading →

Luther On The Covenant Of Works

Before Adam’s fall it was not necessary for him to have Christ, because he was righteous and without sin, just as the angels have no need of Christ. If Adam had not fallen, it would not have been necessary for Christ to . . . Continue reading →

Our Lord Because He Redeems

Christ The Lord

The Lordship controversy, which began years ago, continues and it lies in the background of some of the contemporary discussions about justification and sanctification. Some evangelicals speak of “making Christ Lord” and others reject that Christ is really, actually ruling over all things. They . . . Continue reading →

The Israel Of God (5)


In part 4 we considered how Jesus is the Israel of God. § The Dividing Wall Demolished (Ephesians 2:11–22) The movement of the history of redemption is on this order. The people of God were an international people from Adam to Noah to Moses. Under . . . Continue reading →

Prelacy And Its Train Extirpated

We cannot but admire the good hand of God in the great things done here already, particularly that the Covenant (the foundation of the whole work) is taken; Prelacy and the whole train thereof extirpated; the Service-book in many places forsaken; plain . . . Continue reading →

The Israel Of God (4)


In part 3 we considered what Scripture says about national Israel. § Jesus the Israel of God It is the argument of this essay that Jesus Christ is the true Israel of God and that everyone who is united to him by grace alone, . . . Continue reading →

On The Burning Of Trinkets

We had so contrived it with my Lord Wharton, that the Lords that day did petition the Assembly, that they might have one of the Divines to attend their House for a week, as it came about to pray to God with . . . Continue reading →

Israel Of God (3)


In part 2 we looked at the covenant of grace. § The New Covenant With Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension the promise which God made to Adam and repeated to Abraham remains, but the circumstances have changed. We who live on this side . . . Continue reading →