Saturday And The Silence Of The Lamb


During this season, which many Christians call “Holy Week,” I am perversely drawn to Saturday. Perhaps it is because the Saturday between “Good” Friday and Resurrection Day is, for others a sort of relief. For them it is a day off from . . . Continue reading →

Is Humanism Evil?


David asks, The term “humanism” seem to incite disgust in most conservative Christians today but I have heard Calvin and other reformers referenced as “humanists.” What is the difference between the word’s use in that context and the present one? Renaissance humanism . . . Continue reading →

Creator, Sustainer, Father (2)


In the first part we looked at the doctrine of God embedded in Heidelberg Catechism Q/A 26. The catholic (universal) Christian doctrine of God summarized in the catechism is in antithesis to modernist doctrine(s) of God in process or contingent upon us creatures. . . . Continue reading →

Of Blood Moons, Lunatics, and Snark

Of Blood Moons, Lunatics, and Snark

John Hagee, the controversial leader of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio (anointed by none other than W. A. Criswell) has announced that the series of lunar eclipses (tetrads) that began about 2:00 AM today, which will be repeated in October 2014, April . . . Continue reading →

Science! (pt 2)

The Heidelcast

It’s widely thought that science, the modern study of nature, is the product of the rejection of Christianity, as if science and Christianity are naturally at odds. As part of this narrative it is said that Christianity was anti-intellectual and disinterested in . . . Continue reading →

A Meditation On Divine Immensity


One of the turning points of my early Christian life was reading J I Packer’s Knowing God. That book did what better books should do: it helped me understand Scripture and thereby to know God in a true and more profound way. Since . . . Continue reading →

A Match Made From Heaven


Chris Gordon is the preaching pastor of the Escondido United Reformed Church. my pastor and the host of Abounding Grace Radio. He preaches God’s Word faithfully and graciously each week. This exposition of Genesis 29 is a fine example and an encouraging declaration . . . Continue reading →

Does God Change? (4)


Continued from part 3. Consider the the prima facie difficulty of positing change in God. When did he change? Was it when he said to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, . . . Continue reading →

Does God Change? (3)


In part two we looked the catholic (universal) creeds and the way the Reformed orthodox spoke about divine immutability. The historic Christian doctrine of God is in stark contrast to the view proposed by proponents so-called Open Theism (e.g., Clark Pinnock, Gregory . . . Continue reading →