Good News From Charleston, SC


Jon Payne, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA), sends word of good news about this church planting work in Charleston. Not all the church news that comes over the transom is good news but this report is encouraging. Jon writes: Christ Church . . . Continue reading →

Warfield On The Two Sources Of Perfectionism

THE historical source from which the main streams of Perfectionist doctrine that have invaded modern Protestantism take their origin, is the teaching of John Wesley. But John Wesley did not first introduce Perfectionism into Protestantism, nor can all the Perfectionist tendencies which . . . Continue reading →

How Does Christ’s Death Benefit Our Sanctification?


When the Scriptures seek to illustrate the nature of the Christian life, the nature of sanctification, it uses two images: death and life. Note the order, death then life. In the covenant of works, made with Adam as the federal representative of . . . Continue reading →

How To Choose A Church (2)

Abounding Grace

Families move. That means new schools, a new neighborhood, and a new church. How to choose a new congregation? People use a variety of criteria but are they good, biblical, true criteria? Here’s part two of the discussion with Chris Gordon, co-pastor at Escondido . . . Continue reading →

Why Must We Die Too?


We have our evangelical superstars but none of these luminaries have reached the brightness of Sister Aimee Semple McPherson (1890–1944). Most of them can walk the streets in any city undisturbed by crowds but not Sister Aimee. At the height of her . . . Continue reading →

The Indispensability Of The Covenant Of Grace

And surely no Context of Holy Scripture can be solidly explicated, No Common Place of Divinity can be rightly handled, No Polemical or Controversal point can be dextrously descided, No Case of Conscience or Practical Question can be accurately resolved, No Christian . . . Continue reading →

How To Choose A Church

Abounding Grace

Most of us at some point shall have to choose a church. Are they all the same? No. How on earth does one? On what basis? In my experience people use a variety of criteria, not all of them good. Families choose congregations . . . Continue reading →

Clothed In The Covenant Of Grace (2)

Caspar Olevianus

Here is the audio from yesterday’s paper delivered to the Reformation Studies section at ETS. There are a few glitches in the audio. Below is the handout for the talk. OUTLINE Introduction: Olevianus the Churchman Olevianus as contributor to the catechism As . . . Continue reading →

Clothed In The Covenant Of Grace

Caspar Olevianus

I try not to burden you too much with pieces about Caspar Olevianus (1536–87) but I’m to give a paper later this morning at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Diego. It’s been a few years since I wrote anything on . . . Continue reading →