What’s Wrong With Reformation Day? (UPDATED)

Reformation Day Luther Costume

Each year on this date confessing Protestants remember Martin Luther’s protest against the abuse of indulgences. He followed the academic custom of the day by compiling a list of theses, short statements or claims. Sometimes one would follow from the other but . . . Continue reading →

Machen: Jesus’ Religion And Ours

In the first place, it will be said, are we not failing to do justice to the true humanity of Jesus, which is affirmed by the creeds of the Church as well as by the modern theologians? When we say that Jesus . . . Continue reading →

The Necessity And Limits Of The Imitation Of Christ (1)

imitatio christi

There is no question among orthodox Christians, i.e., those who believe and obey God’s Word, who believe the catholic creeds, who have a substantial connection to the ancient church, whether Christians ought to seek to imitate Christ. The questions are how do . . . Continue reading →

What Do We Mean By “Suffered”?

The Cross

An internet search for “suffering” turns up an astonishing array of results. Because of the internet we are now aware of global suffering in a way, with an immediacy that no other generation has ever experienced. Despite our increased awareness, history tells . . . Continue reading →