The Synod Of Dort On Election, Conditions Of Salvation, And Fruit (1)

The Reformed churches have endured discussions and disagreements about salvation (justification, sanctification, and deliverance from the wrath to come) before. Beginning in the late 16th century a Reformed minister in Amsterdam began offering significant revisions of the Reformed understanding of Scripture. Early . . . Continue reading →

Good’s Brutal Assessment Of Two Delegates To Dort

Basle ought to have sent [Wollebius] to that synod [of Dort] instead of the two mediocre delegates she sent, as he would have ranked up close to Diodati in ability. —James I. Good, History of the Swiss Reformed Church Since the Reformation . . . Continue reading →

The Catholicity Of The Canons

Wherefore, this Synod of Dort, in the name of the Lord, conjures as many as piously call upon the name of our Savior Jesus Christ to judge of the faith of the Reformed Churches, not from the calumnies which on every side . . . Continue reading →

Synod of Dort Day: Arminius Brought Out of Hell

[We reject the errors of those] Who teach: That Christ by His satisfaction merited neither salvation itself for any one, nor faith, whereby this satisfaction of Christ unto salvation is effectually appropriated; but that He merited for the Father only the authority . . . Continue reading →