The Synod Of Dort On Election, Conditions Of Salvation, And Fruit (1)

The Reformed churches have endured discussions and disagreements about salvation (justification, sanctification, and deliverance from the wrath to come) before. Beginning in the late 16th century a Reformed minister in Amsterdam began offering significant revisions of the Reformed understanding of Scripture. Early . . . Continue reading →

One Practical Benefit Of Remembering The Synod Of Dort

Eight years ago my colleague at Abounding Grace Radio, Chris Gordon, wrote some important essays calling attention to the parallels between contemporary Federal Vision movement and the Arminian movement at the Synod of Dort. He was quite right to do so. Following . . . Continue reading →

Canons Of Dort (20): God Unconditionally Saves Those Who Are Totally Unable To Save Themselves

One of the features of Synod’s reply to the Remonstrants is Synod repeated essential parts of their reply under the different heads of doctrine. So, in the Third and Fourth Heads of Doctrine they re-stated the Augustinian and Reformed doctrine of original . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page: On The Atonement

Few Christians doctrines have been as controverted, in the modern period, as the atonement. For whom did Christ die? What did he accomplish in his death? Should we say that Christ died for all? These are just some of the questions addressed . . . Continue reading →