What Richard John Neuhaus Means to Me

A number of evangelical and socially conservative blogs and publications are marking the death (not “passing” but that’s another post) yesterday of Richard John Neuhaus at age 72. It is not remarkable that social conservatives are weeping today. After a career as . . . Continue reading →

Of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Rome

(revised and re-posted from 7 May ’07. This post was occasioned by the announcement of the conversion of the now former president of ETS, Francis Beckwith, to Rome). § Mr White, Mr Black, and Mr Gray Cornelius Van Til used to write . . . Continue reading →

How the Two Kingdoms Doctrine Could Have Prevented ECT

From the beginning it was apparent that the cart driving the theological horse in the Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) negotiations (which continue!) is the pressure to form a “common front” against neo-paganism, secularism, materialism, and other forms of fallout from late . . . Continue reading →

ECT: A Post Mortem

Since the 1994 publication of Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT), the evangelical body has been convulsed periodically over the doctrine of justification. The patient, to strain a metaphor, sustained a second attack in 1998 with publication of ECT II or The Gift . . . Continue reading →

Inter-Varsity And Rome

When I was in seminary a few years later, I had a discussion with our local InterVarsity rep, who was a seasoned, old-time IV veteran. When I brought up my concerns about the dangers of inductive Bible studies and heterodoxy, she surprised . . . Continue reading →

Evangelicals And Catholics Together: A Post-Mortem

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

New Preface This essay originally appeared in print in 2001 and later online, on the Heidelblog. When the essay first appeared the controversy over Evangelicals and Catholics Together was still relatively fresh. Reformed leaders (e.g., Mike Horton, R. C. Sproul, James M. . . . Continue reading →