It is graduation season. This academic year (and the one preceding it) has been rough on students and parents alike. If you have not been paying attention here are a few examples of what we’ve learned is taking place in your local . . . Continue reading →

Grammar Guerrilla: Grammar Is For Everyone


I submit that given a library of about 300 well chosen books, a chalkboard/dry erase board, a supply of paper, pencils, and pens, a cadre of dedicated, well educated teachers, who had authority to discipline students, produce outstanding high school graduates who, upon examination, could gain entrance into any university in the West. A substantial percentage of what, after Dewey is reckoned education is, in fact, a waste of time and energy. Continue reading →

K–12 Schools Are Downstream From The University

This outsized influence of the university on K–12 schools occurs not without precedent. Once before, our nation’s dominant philosophy of education universally altered. Prior to the 20th century, American education was almost universally classical in nature — great books, grammar and rhetoric, . . . Continue reading →

Why It Is Important To Be Aware And Deliberate About Your Child’s Education

The Immediate Danger There is much to bemoan about Twitter as a social media platform. There is much to bewail about social media, which task your dutiful servant has performed in this space. Nevertheless, there are some benefits. One of them is that . . . Continue reading →

Yes, It is In The Schools

The genesis of CRT in education is arguably Gloria Ladson-Billings’s seminal essay “Just what is critical race theory and what is it doing in a nice field like education?” In it, she repudiates the slow progress of the civil-rights movement and concludes . . . Continue reading →

Clear Evidence Of Declining Academic Standards

In classics, two major changes were made. The “classics” track, which required an intermediate proficiency in Greek or Latin to enter the concentration, was eliminated, as was the requirement for students to take Greek or Latin. Students still are encouraged to take . . . Continue reading →

Why You Should Get Your Child Out Of Public School

Note: Things are only getting worse in the public schools across the USA. When I first addressed this it was out of alarm about the amazing but largely ignored problem of sexual predators roaming the halls in public schools across the USA. . . . Continue reading →