Gender Ideology Is The New State Religion

As a tax-paying district parent since 2008 who has sent her two children to the district Elementary, Middle and High School, I am aggrieved to find myself excluded from a very important conversation with my child, who I have loved since before she was born. Like you, I agree that children’s safety is of the utmost importance, and to that end it is clearly harmful for children to be taught that keeping secrets from their parents is smart or safe.

Additionally, encouraging children to prioritize ideological gender identities over biological reality is to set them on a path to physical and mental impairment, unhappiness, and failure as adults. It also amounts to religious instruction. Because gender ideology, like religion, is a belief system. It is not rooted in science or fact, but theory. Therefore, it has no place in secular schools. Read More»

Felice J. Killer | “Re: Administrative Regulation 259” | September 20, 2022



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  1. Underlying this insanity and criminal behavior is an even deeper problem, the absence of a system of morals based upon natural law. It is shocking to see that what was once common morality is readily violated to promote a religion of transgenderism and perversion. I do not think this is something that can be fixed through administrative changes, for it involves the very moral character of our current teaching profession. They clearly have other nihilistic objectives, to include the destruction of families and natural law, itself.

  2. This is terrifying. I am a middle school teacher in a public school district with an identical policy. I agonize over my moral responsibility in these situations, but it is downright terrifying from the parents’ point of view. I shudder when I consider the ideologies being inculcated in the students while their “self-expression” is being intentionally hidden from their parents.

    Policies might change, but I agree with Mike above. Administrative solutions can’t stem the tide.

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