Trueman On Transgender-America And The Christian Mission

After persuasively making a fatalistic case that trans ideology will triumph, in the final chapter, Trueman counsels his reader. The solutions he offers are mainly geared toward Christians and may be frustrating to some, as they are not centered on policy changes (and given that it is a short book with one chapter dedicated to a way forward, they cannot be comprehensive). Yet, that doesn’t make them any less effective or apt; the sickened state of our society does not lend itself to miraculous legislative fixes.

Instead, Trueman finds the miraculous in the transcendent. Christians must revitalize their churches and make them the centers of their communities, engaging in worship and accepting the cross of acting as witnesses for those made in the image of God. The faithful must recover a deep understanding of doctrine, natural law, and theology (particularly of the body) and be able to articulate Christianity’s cohesiveness to individuals searching for answers. Read More»
Brenda M. Hafera | “Mapping a Woke Wonderland” | September 9, 2022


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  1. An OPC pastor on the West Coast recently retweeted a video titled Parenting LGBT Kids….

    I think we are ordaining men too swiftly. Men who are too politically and ideologically minded.

    First we have to lose the labels. Rebellion against God takes on all forms. We can practice charity and compassion without using the radical terminology of the activist.

    As for Trueman, he’s pretty brilliant! That was an excellent review!

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