After Calvin: Recommended Reading

There is a popular view of church history that tells a story in which there was a pure, believing church during the apostolic age and then, for all intents and purposes, there was not a church (except for the Waldensians who alone . . . Continue reading →

Does The Westminster Confession Contradict Calvin On Assurance And Faith?

For much of the 20th century it was a datum, a given, for many students of Calvin and the Reformed tradition that many of the English Reformed (especially the Westminster Assembly) abandoned Calvin and the Reformation doctrine of the faith and assurance. . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Calvin And Voltaire

Office Hours

When most of us think about the history of Reformed theology, if we think about it at all, we tend to think first of Calvin and then we typically jump to Jonathan Edwards, then perhaps to Princeton and thence to our own . . . Continue reading →

Godfrey: Real Calvinism is A Head and Heart Religion

“Strong on doctrine and scholarship, but weak on life, evangelism and passion.” Too frequently this is the popular image of Calvinism. Contemporary Calvinists may sometimes be responsible for perpetuating this image. In their eagerness for theological precision some Calvinists seem to want . . . Continue reading →

Special June Issue of MR: Calvin at 500, Does He Still Matter?

The Calvinpalooza heads into the home stretch this summer. Modern Reformation has a special issue out this month focusing on you-know-whom. Mike has the lead essay. Excellent. There’s an appendix surveying the history of Calvin’s bad press. Dennis Tamburello (a Roman scholar) . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: People Have Never Liked The RPW

I know how difficult it is to persuade the world that God disapproves of all modes of worship not expressly sanctioned by His Word. The opposite persuasion which cleaves to them, being seated, as it were, in their very bones and marrow, is, . . . Continue reading →

Calvin and the Reform of Worship

I had a “perfect” outline: 7 points. Trouble is, I got through only 3 of them. I didn’t do much better in the Adult Class yesterday morning at Oceanside URC! For what it’s worth, here is the outline from the conference:

Re-Thinking the Old Paradigm From Within

One of the reasons I wrote Recovering the Reformed Confession was to help professedly Reformed Christians re-connect to their heritage. When, in the early 1980s, I began researching the Reformed tradition I was surprised to learn not only how the Reformed theology, piety, . . . Continue reading →

Venema on Calvin Now in Print

Thanks to Michael at Twenty-First Century Tabletalk for alerting us to the publication of Cornel Venema’s dissertation. This is a great work. I did not find it until I had finished my own thesis on Olevianus. We reached very similar conclusions about . . . Continue reading →