Heidelcast For November 13, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (25): Fifth Head Of Doctrine (5)

In this episode, Dr. Clark continues his series on the Canons of Dort, looking at the Fifth Head of Doctrine and the “perseverance of the saints.” The single most frequent way to corrupt the doctrine of perseverance has been to turn it into a covenant of works. This happens regularly outside the Reformed churches (e.g., the Romanists teach that, in baptism, sins are graciously washed away, initial justification is given, and regeneration is imparted). This and problems with “grace and cooperation with grace” are explored in this episode! Dr. Clark also answers questions and comments from Jared, Seamus, David and Matt on church order and singing, the Second Council of Orange, reading John Calvin, and the doctrine of election. The opening audio clip is Gary and Shannon on KFI.

This episode of the Heidelcast is sponsored by Westminster Seminary California. John Calvin said that faith is the axis around which everything in the Christian life rotates. How true that is—and this year, Westminster Seminary California’s Annual Conference will be focusing on faith specifically, exploring various facets of doctrine and life as they touch upon the centrality of faith in the Christian life. Bringing these messages are Westminster’s own: Dr. Michael Horton, and Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, and Westminster President Joel Kim. Joining them are faculty Drs. Craig Troxel and Brad Bitner.
This conference is a unique opportunity to listen to these seasoned pastors and theologians share from God’s word to help us in this Christian pilgrimage. The conference will be livestreamed, but we recommend coming in person so you can take advantage of the intimate setting of the conference to meet the speakers and ask follow-up questions. “From Faith to Faith: The Power of of God for the Christian Life” is happening January 13-14 and registration is open now! Go to the website for more information and to save your spot!



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