Heidelcast For September 4, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (15): Third/Fourth Heads Of Doctrine (1)

In this episode Dr Clark continues his series on the the Canons of Dort where we turn to the Third and Fourth Heads of Doctrine on the Application of Redemption by the Spirit to the elect. Synod intentionally repeated themselves in their reply to the Remonstrants. They were defending the Augustinian consensus against the Pelagians. So they re-stated the doctrine of creation, sin, and its consequences. They also explained explained what our means and does not mean. After all, we believe in God’s common grace covenant (Gen 9:13–16). For now, we live under the shared mercy of God (Matt 5:45) but that was not the Remonstrant definition of common grace was different just as their definition of grace and faith is not ours. Dr Clark also explains why the third and fourth heads are treated together. The opening audio clip is James Montgomery Boice.

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