Office Hours: Mike Horton On The Spirit’s Work In The Application Of Redemption

Office HoursWe know that Jesus came to save us. We know that he obeyed for us. We know that he died for us. We know that he was raised for us who believe by grace alone but how do we come into possession of Christ and how do we come into possession of Christ and his benefits? Rome claims to mediate Christ and his benefits through its priestly, sacrificial ministry. The Remonstrants said that you had to do your part, that you must meet God part way but what does Scripture say? The focus of season 7 of Office Hours is the person and work of the Holy Spirit and Mike Horton joins us to help us understand how essential is the Holy Spirit to our redemption.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It’s the first Office Hours that I’ve listened to, and will definitely lead me to listening to other episodes.

    The instructor and course designer in me sees a ten week course contained in this short interview.

    May God bless those who listen (yes, including me!)


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