Heidelcast For July 31, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (10): Second Head Of Doctrine (2)

In this episode Dr Clark continues his series on the the Canons of Dort where we are looking at the Second Head of Doctrine of the Canons of Dort on the atonement. In the debate between the Remonstrants (Arminians) and the Reformed, who is it who limits the value and extent of the atonement? According to the critics of Reformed theology, it is ostensibly the Reformed who limit the value of the atonement. After all, do not the Reformed affirm that Christ died only for the elect whereas the Remonstrants affirm that Christ died for all men and every man? We need to stop and consider, however, how the Remonstrants limited the value and efficacy of the atonement since in their doctrine that Christ died for all men and every man, what do they say that he accomplished by that death? The opening audio clip comes the World Magazine podcast.

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