Resources On The Atonement


  1. Limited Atonement
  2. Canons Of Dort (21): The Atonement Is Not Universal But The Offer Of The Gospel Is
  3. Canons Of Dort (19): Unconditional Atonement
  4. Canons Of Dort (16): Scripture Teaches Both Definite Atonement And The Free Offer Of The Gospel
  5. Is The Doctrine Of Penal Substitutionary Atonement A Late, Western Doctrine?
  6. Turretin: Amyraut’s Doctrine Of The Atonement Was Not Reformed
  7. For God So Loved The World: Atonement And Common Grace
  8. Ignatius On The Atonement
  9. Cyril Of Alexandria On Substitutionary Atonement
  10. Athanasius On Substitutionary Atonement
  11. “The Shack” and the Atonement
  12. Owen on the Atonement
  13. Ames on the Atonement
  14. The Revolt Against the Substitutionary Doctrine of the Atonement
  15. Redeemed From Every People, Tribe, Tongue, And Nation: A Commentary On The Canons Of Dort
  16. Resources On Amyraut, Amyraldianism, And Hypothetical Universalism


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