Heidelcast 190: What Must A Christian Believe? (8): “And I Believe In Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son, Our Lord”

This is episode 8 in the series, What Must A Christian Believe? In this episode we are considering the third article of the Apostles’ Creed: “And I believe in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, our Lord, our Lord.” With this article we move to the second part of the Creed. Remember, according to Heidelberg Catechism 24, the Creed is divided into three parts: God the Father and reation, God the Son and redemption, God the Holy Spirit and our sanctification. When we say, “I believe in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son” we are first of all affirming four truths: (1) Jesus of Nazareth is God the Son, the Son of God, true God, very God of very God; (2) Jesus of Nazareth is the son of Man, true man, consubstantial with us; (3) God the Son is the eternally begotten Son of God from all eternity; and (4) He is the Savior. In this episode we get through the first 3 of these. We spend a bit of time walking through the Definition of Chalcedon (AD 451) so we can get our vocabulary and our categories right. Then we look at some of the challenges and heresies the early church faced regarding the doctrine of Christ (Christology) and we even look at some of the agreements and disagreements between the Lutheran and Reformed churches on the two natures of Christ. Finally, we spend some time on the question of the eternal generation of the Son. This ancient, creedal, and Reformed doctrine has come under a lot of criticism in the Modern period but the ancient and Reformation church had good reason for holding, affirming, and teaching it.



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