Heidelcast 164: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (10): Living Graciously In Light Of Grace

Travel broadens our horizons. It helps us to see that this is a great big world filled with an amazing variety of people, cultures, and wonders. In that way, traveling can even be transformative. When we return home we we are not quite what we were when we left. An especially long journey teaches us what is truly important. In the desert, if we must choose between water and a Rolex watch, the choice is easy. The Israelites learned (or should have learned) this lesson repeatedly in their desert pilgrimage between Sinai and Canaan. They ate the Passover in haste as a reminder that the desert is not their home. They were not to settle in it. They were to be mindful that they were on their way to another city. Those who believed understood that, indeed, the city to which they were traveling would not ultimately be found in Canaan (Gal 4; Heb 11:16; 12:22). Just as Abraham saw through the types and shadows that Christ was coming (John 8:56), so too the believers among the Israelites knew that they were traveling to a heavenly city. They knew that the purpose of the journey was, in part, to prepare them for their new and final home.


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