Heidelcast 157: Calls On Eschatology, the Work of Holy Spirit In Jesus’ Ministry, The Ecumenical Councils, And Pragmatism

We are a little late with our call-in show but here it is with excellent calls from London, UK, New Jersey, Madison, IN, and St Louis among other places. As always we have great calls on a variety of topics. I must say that Heidelcast listeners do not ask easy questions. When I started doing a monthly call-in show I expected it to be easier than the others. I expected the callers to ask questions that I have answered before but so far they have not, at least not consistently. Rush Limbaugh has said for more than 30 years that it is the caller’s job to make the host look good. Heidelcast listeners have apparently decided that it is the caller’s job to make the host look bad. You can listen for yourself to see how I did answering tough questions about the Olivet Discourse, why some Reformed people are talking about Jesus’ faith and necessity of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ ministry, about how the Reformed have understood the so-called 7 ecumenical councils, and how to relate our theology to our practice. Yes, we are talking about practice—not a game, not a game, not a game. We are talking about practice. We also announce the latest winner of a free copy of On Being Reformed. Tune in to hear who won.

Call the Heidelphone anytime at (760) 618-1563. Leave a message or email us us a voice memo from your phone and we may use it in a future podcast. Give us a call. The plan is to do another call-in show next week. We are giving away copies of Baptism, Election, and the Covenant of Grace to every caller on the show. You are welcome to send us a voice memo from your smart phone. Record it and email it to Heidelcast at heidelcast dot net.

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