Office Hours: The Holy Spirit In Jesus’ Ministry

Office HoursScripture teaches and therefore all Christians confess that our Lord Jesus is true God and true man. As God the Son incarnate we understand that that he has been in communion with the God the Spirit from all eternity. It is one thing to confess that truth but it is another to see how that truth manifests itself in the life, ministry, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus of Nazareth. We have glimpses of that communion, e.g., in his conception, at his Baptism, in his title, Christ or Messiah (which means anointed) and in his temptation but perhaps we do not appreciate as well as we should the vital role played by God the Spirit in the life of Jesus the Messiah. Steve Baugh is professor of New Testament and he teaches a course on the gospels and joins us for this episode to help us explore the biblical teaching about the role of the Spirit as Lord and Giver of Life in the life of Christ.

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