So There ARE Limits To Self-Identity?

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  1. In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders. What most people forget is that this was done in response to raucous, screaming protests from homosexual activists. The point is that intimidation works. The current campus consensus on political correctness has at its base abject fear. In my opinion these students are not as blind to facts as they seem. They are afraid, and there is good reason for their fear.

    And, to engage in a little cessationist prophecy, intimidation has been seen to work, and governmental intimidation and coercion will be the wave of the future. You have only to bow the knee to the great god government, and everything will be just fine.

    • The problem is these students have only been taught to “feel,” rather than to think critically and rationally. They’ve been catechized by their “education” into the postmodern, subjectivist notion that one’s personal subjective experience defines reality. Thus to question the validity of one’s personal subjective “self identity” is regarded as the height of intolerance and mean-spiritedness.

  2. I think it was Chesterton who said that ‘tolerance is the virtue of someone who lacks conviction.’ Seems so true after viewing this….

  3. A few months ago, Rush Limbaugh officially declared that he is thin, and that no one has a right to disagree with him.

  4. If you are accused of murder and being tried in front of a jury for it and the witness places you at the scene, engaged in the murder, describing your gender, height, weight, approximate age, etc, THESE are some of the people you want on the jury. Biology doesn’t matter, feelings do. Our future is doomed, so to speak.

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