Brothers We Are Not Perfectionists

Introduction In the doctrine of sanctification there are several errors to be avoided. First, let’s define our terms and understand what the basic biblical (and confessional Reformed) doctrine of sanctification is. The verb “to sanctify” is Latin. It is the word from . . . Continue reading →

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

You’re all romantics. Not in the Charlotte Bronte sense but in that when you read biblical stories you imagine yourselves as Daniel not the gamekeeper. You’re Lawrence ruling the desert while astride a majestic white charge not a faceless Arab extra on . . . Continue reading →

The Translation Of The Lord’s Prayer Is Not A Mere Convention

Francis, the Bishop of Rome (who claims to be the universal vicar of Christ on the earth) has recently announced his opinion that the translation of the sixth petition of the Lord’s Prayer should be revised. Anthony Esolen has published a terrific . . . Continue reading →

Distinguishing Reformed From Evangelicalism: Realism

As evangelicals become dissatisfied with the emphasis on personalities, annoying trendiness, and the shallowness of Modern evangelical theology, piety, and practice they begin to look around for an alternative. One challenge they face right away is that, in many cases, their religious . . . Continue reading →