Heidelcast 41: Reformation Worship Conference


David Hall and the good folks at Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Powder Springs, GA are hosting the fifth annual Reformation Worship Conference next month (Oct 17-20, 2013). David joined me by phone this afternoon to talk about the conference and about . . . Continue reading →

David Hall: Whither The PCA At 40: Anyone For A Janus Birthday In December?

This week a young denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, (PCA) will celebrate its 40th birthday. Reaching 40 years, without more schism than already witnessed, is a nice achievement for an American evangelical denomination as it reaches its generational benchmark. Here’s an . . . Continue reading →

Presbyterian Power Grab?

If you’ve disliked recent presidential Executive Orders or if you’re starting to think that this year’s Commissioner’s Handbook resembles the paper stack now euphemistically called ‘The Affordable Care Act’—“don’t read it, just vote with our leaders”—you may be on to something. Try . . . Continue reading →