Presbyterian Power Grab?

If you’ve disliked recent presidential Executive Orders or if you’re starting to think that this year’s Commissioner’s Handbook resembles the paper stack now euphemistically called ‘The Affordable Care Act’—“don’t read it, just vote with our leaders”—you may be on to something. Try turning to a particular page in the GA Handbook and see if you can still convince yourself that the PCA is immune from power grabs or top-down legislation.

—David Hall.

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  1. The old estrogen pork bill trick. Shady goings on for sure. It seems to me this along with FV and Darwinism are merely symptomatic of a heterodox view of scriptural authority and inerrancy.

  2. OK, a decade ago I would grant folks a break, but now (I will still grant it hard and also grant there are some sound individual PCA churches) for the most part those staying in the PCA I have to note how much so many of them come off like the Claude Rains character in Casablanca. “I’m shocked shocked this kind of behavior is going on in the PCA!!”

    I got a hot tip for you baby this is been going on for quite sometime. 🙂

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