Jonestown and the Reformed Movement (Updated)

UPDATE 12 July 2013 There is video of a People’s Temple meeting embedded below. UPDATE 18 November 2010 There is a remembrance of the tragedy today in the Indianapolis Star that focuses on Jones’ Indiana roots. Jones wasn’t originally a “crazy Californian.” . . . Continue reading →

QAnon, Evangelical Gnosticsm, Manichaeism, And The Kingdom Of The Cults

In the early 2nd century one of the gravest threats faced by the early Christians was a movement that we know as Gnosticism. It thrived by radically revising Christianity. According to the Gnostics, the material world is evil, the Creator God of the . . . Continue reading →

Stella Morabito: The Significance Of Mobs

What’s the real purpose of the BLM harassment of people dining outdoors in Washington, DC, trying to force them to raise their fist in “solidarity” with the Marxist BLM trope? They do it in the same manner of the old childhood bully . . . Continue reading →

Some Greeks Return To Ancient Ritual Practices

Some Greeks have returned to worshipping the ancient gods, as groups dedicated to the adoration of the Greek Pantheon spring up across modern-day Greece. Several different organizations and events exist that are working to create modern forms of celebration and ritual around . . . Continue reading →