Stella Morabito: Emotional Manipulation Is Baked Into The Revolution

So, what’s the secret of creating enough woke conformity to get to such an anti-thought point? How does a well-organized band of power-craving elitists get people to surrender the right to speak their own minds? To open the door to giving collectivist elites the raw power they crave?

I’ll use the terms socialism and Marxism somewhat interchangeably. Marxists tend to refer to themselves as socialists, even if some socialists claim they aren’t Marxists. All are collectivists, though, with the same patterns and tendencies and agendas, some harder than others, depending on their “state of evolution.”

…The threat of ostracism is a primal and universal human terror, and thus an extremely powerful weapon, especially when mobs enforce it. Tyrants have always been in the business of cultivating the terror of social rejection in order to control people and amass power. Sadly, most people are not consciously aware of these dynamics, and are therefore vulnerable to succumbing.

The terror of abandonment is built into our social DNA because human beings cannot survive in isolation. What we see today is a psychological operation that plays on that fear through identity politics, peer-modelling, and social contagion.

First, the propaganda media conjures up images of unanimity with a false BLM narrative. Then, anyone who doesn’t buy in is smeared as a racist, at great risk of losing his or her job, status, livelihood, and now even family. It’s designed to induce everyone to cave in to that primal fear of social isolation and submit to the power elites. Once society reaches a tipping point where everyone blindly succumbs, then the power grab begins, and game over.

…Emotional blackmail seems to be an inherent tactic of Marxist activists as well as today’s cult of wokeness. We can now see how BLM applies that tool to the daily lives of its “allies.”

…Abolishing family and religion are both old socialist rallying cries. A big part of socialism’s history is its war on those primary institutions through which our most intimate relationships and our unique identities are formed. We become isolated and weakened, and more easily controlled, when separated from them. That’s the idea.

Socialist dictators like Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedog, Pol Pot, and Adolf Hitler were dedicated to the destruction of all private life, insisting that loyalty belonged only to them. That’s why the death toll of socialist systems is more than 100 million.

Whatever else socialists say they promote—equality, justice, free stuff—they have one goal: placing too much power in the hands of too few people. To undermine the power of individuals, they undermine their private relationships. That’s exactly what just about every socialist policy has done, including no-fault divorce, welfare dependency, and abortion, which wreak havoc on the family.

The victims of this brokenness naturally feel alienated. Yet they still have a need to belong to something. Socialists feed that appetite with pseudo-communities, such as contrived collectives, mobs, and, yes, its wokeness cult.

Stella Morabito,How Socialists Like Black Lives Matter Weaponize Our Fears Of Loneliness


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  1. Further, the common admonition of citizenry during the Soviet communist era, including its block nations, was “trust no one.”

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