Morabito: This Is A Test AND An Actual Emergency

Lots of folks have been scratching their heads wondering how genderless marriage — which seemed just a fantasy on the fringes just a decade or so ago — so quickly became a reality of American public policy today. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. A few of them include activist judges, the monied LGBT lobby, and President Obama’s disingenuous “evolution” on the subject after being elected.

But the bigger picture shows something very different, very calculated, and decades in the making. It’s possibly been the biggest propaganda campaign in human history.

Do you believe the biggest manipulators who push same sex marriage really and truly care about the canard they label “marriage equality?” I don’t. In fact, it seems more likely the power elites among them have simply been engaged in a social experiment, testing the limits of propaganda and how easily people can be controlled and manipulated, even to the point of accepting an implausible idea. Of course, “marriage equality” is a great test case for them, because it could pave the way to ending family autonomy, giving them greater control over the relationships of others.

—Stella Morabito: “Everyone Should Take a “Propaganda 101” Class to Understand How they are Manipulated

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  1. “I am a scoundrel, of course, and not a socialist. Ha ha! Listen. I’ve reckoned them all up: a teacher who laughs with children at their God and at their cradle; is on our side…The juries who acquit every criminal are ours. The prosecutor who trembles at a trial for fear he should not seem advanced enough is ours, ours.” Verhovensky from Dostoevsky’s “Demons”

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