Stella Morabito: The Significance Of Mobs

What’s the real purpose of the BLM harassment of people dining outdoors in Washington, DC, trying to force them to raise their fist in “solidarity” with the Marxist BLM trope? They do it in the same manner of the old childhood bully who twists your arm and demands you “Say Uncle!”

… Through ignorance and family/community breakdown, we have a generation of isolated people who look to the mob for a sense of purpose and of “community.”

… But this is what the curriculum of political correctness and identity politics teaches. They learn that this is how to get their status points. And they have so little else going for them that they really crave status points.

Stella Morabito,The Sickness Of Mobs


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  1. As the one who made that blog post asked rhetorically, “…how is (the mob behavior among these “would-be” BLM protestors) it any different than the [harassment of] brown shirts of the Third Reich? It’s not…” Yet, these protestors, whether BLM whites or blacks, ANTIFA thugs, etc. are (self) identified as socialists and communists whereas those in the peak of the Nazi regime were identified as “fascists.” Where’s the difference? There is none. Both employ wild mob tactics to make their points. Both beat up on ordinary citizens cowardly, as a group (mob). Both have no real political goal in mind other than to upset and destroy what they’ve been brainwashed into seeing as status quo. So why does one of these kinds of mobs identify itself as “anti-fascist” (therefore seeing themselves as communists) when their behaviors are virtually identical? I’ve given up on trying to figure out what’s going on these days and am completely baffled by it.

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