Presbytopia: What It Means To Be Presbyterian

A confessional Presbyterian congregation is a place, it’s like a city. Ken Golden calls it  Presbytopia. If it is a city, it’s unlike that town from which many visitors come. Guests and new members need a map to their new home. Golden . . . Continue reading →

Angela Moved From Münster To Geneva

Maybe you’ve experienced one of these churches? Satellite campuses galore, a magnetic personality preaching on a big screen, Sunday Schools, Life Groups, rock climbing walls, an oil change ministry—the whole shebang. There was a service to suit every musical taste, and a . . . Continue reading →

It Takes Time To Become Reformed

Anything worth doing takes time. Malcom Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to really master a significant skill. Whether that is true in every instance is open to debate but common experience tells us that valuable skills are are not usually gained . . . Continue reading →

Another Baptist Pastor Becomes Confessionally Reformed

Benjamin Lee, Director of Youth Ministry at Oakwood Presbyterian Church (PCA), announced (via Twitter) that he had accepted this new position. He also indicated that he had left his Baptist convictions to adopt the Reformed confession (including the Reformed view of the . . . Continue reading →

Advice From A Former Baptist Pastor For Those Discovering The Reformed Confession

I had recently had a conversation where the discussion turned to my experience transitioning from a Baptist minister to a Teaching Elder in the PCA. Part of it was reflection on what I learned, good decisions, regrets, etc. It would likely require a book to go through all the ins and outs of the process, but for now I would like to offer 13 takeaways and/or thoughts that would be good steps and measures as you consider entering into the Reformed tradition. Continue reading →