The Apotheosis And The Emperor’s New Clothes

In the last few days Twitter has banned a number of highly visible accounts for describing a member of President Biden’s administration, the assistant secretary for health, by his former name. This person, who also holds the title of Admiral, is biologically . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page On Social Media And Wikipedia

In a very short period of time, social media has become one of the dominant forces in our age. Who does not have a social media account of some kind? Your Grandmother knows how to use Facebook and teens use and switch social media platforms the way they choose fashions, rapidly. Every social media platform, however, is a trade-off. We use them to connect with friends and to communicate but the social media platforms are using us at the same time. They are ostensibly “free” but that is because we, the users, are the content. Continue reading →

In Defense Of Twitter

My friend and colleague, Carl Trueman, has published another thoughtful piece in First Things,“Lessons From the Reformation’s Pamphlet War.” In this essay he makes an analogy between Twitter and the Reformation pamphlets that were so widely published and distributed during the Reformation. He . . . Continue reading →

Reminder: Wikipedia Is Not A Reliable Resource. It is Just Another Social Media Platform

Regular readers of this space will know how often I have warned about the problems of Wikipedia. The truth about Wikipedia is that it is not a reliable resource. I warn my students that if they cite it in their research they have . . . Continue reading →

What The Louisville And Kirk Lives Matter Narratives Tell Us About Social And News Media

Two of the many events that have roiled social and news media for the last few days seem, on the surface, about as different as one can imagine. In one case, in Louisville, KY, two white police officers, in the process of . . . Continue reading →

What Social Media Teaches Us About Law, Gospel, Forgiveness, And Grace

Carson King is a 23-year old Des Moines man who held up a sign at a televised college football game announcing, “Busch Lite supply needs replenished.” It was a joke but people began sending him money via the Venmo appl. When he . . . Continue reading →

How To Circumvent BigSocMedia Censorship

“SocMedia” refers to Social Media platforms, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and iTunes. It also includes video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. These are websites that ostensibly a wide variety of users to post content. The attraction of such sites is that . . . Continue reading →

Millennial Perfectionism And The Social Media Covenant Of Works

If you are a Millennial, relax. This is not another critique. I do spend a fair bit of time with Millennials, however, and I have observed some interesting trends. One of these observations was reinforced recently in an article by Thomas Curran . . . Continue reading →

Social Media Testifies To The Covenant Of Works

In Colossians 2:8 Paul warned the Colossians Christians not to be taken captive by unbelieving ways of thinking (philosophies) nor by “the stoicheia (στοιχεῖα) of the world.” The noun stoicheia is usually translated with something like “elemental principles” or the like. That . . . Continue reading →

Social Media Puts Us All In A Covenant Of Works

Even before the NSA spying scandal, Zygmunt Bauman studied the contemporary surveillance society in collaboration with sociologist David Lyon, director of the Surveillance Studies Centre. In the digital age, no one could ever be sure they weren’t being monitored—leading to a kind . . . Continue reading →