Dear Kirkers, Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, and 1 Peter 4 Are Still God’s Word

Some of the responses to yesterday’s essay by members of Christ Church, Moscow, ID (known locally as “The Kirk”) most certainly did not meet even the minimal standards for the comment box. The comment policy reads: “Comments are welcome but must observe . . . Continue reading →

What The Louisville And Kirk Lives Matter Narratives Tell Us About Social And News Media

Two of the many events that have roiled social and news media for the last few days seem, on the surface, about as different as one can imagine. In one case, in Louisville, KY, two white police officers, in the process of . . . Continue reading →

An Avoidable Stunt (Updated)

The City of Moscow, Idaho, which Christ Church (Moscow, ID) expects one day to transform into a bastion of adherence to the Mosaic judicial laws, reports (HT: Alexis Van Horn) about the recent publicity stunt and protests disguised as “Psalm sings:” From . . . Continue reading →