“Homosexual” And “Homosexuality” In The New Testament

Below are some notes I compiled as part of a broader discussion about how Christians ought to think about homosexuality. The argument was made that the Bible does not really speak clearly to the question of homosexual behavior. In response I offered . . . Continue reading →

Wollebius On Bible Translation

Prolegomena To Christian Theology “XV. Therefore, their [Scripture] translation into the common language of every nation is necessary. XVI. No translation is authentic except in so far as it agrees with the Hebrew and Greek originals.” —Johannes Wollebius, Compendium of Christian Doctrine . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 7: What About Bible Translations? (Pt 2)

An HB Classic


Here’s part 1. We live in an uncertain age. At the same time there has been an explosion of modern English-language Bible translations. This development has created some uncertainty about how to think about Bible translation. Some have responded to both by . . . Continue reading →