Heidelcast For Sep 10, 2023: Sin, Salvation, & Service: The Threefold Truth Of Romans (34)

In this episode Dr Clark turns to Romans 9:14–24 and addresses the problem of evil and the sovereignty of God. He answers a call from Elijah about the status of unbaptized covenant children, reads a Heideltext asking about the rule of worship and offerings during worship, plays audio from Voddie Baucham on defining the adjective Reformed, and considers some strange audio from the Getting Hammered podcast concerning Mike Pence’s religion. The opening audio features Chad Vegas on the Bible Theory podcast.

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The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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One comment

  1. Love how you connected Romans 9 to Job. I love those last couple of chapters in Job. I can hear him now as he swallow a gulp and says,
    Oh ! Now I know who You are. Uh oh !
    But God was indeed merciful.
    I does seem many want to rewrite scriptures to fit what makes them comfortable.

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