Heidelminicast: Gottschalk—Young, Restless, & Augustinian

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  1. This may not be germane to the topic at hand, so disregard if you wish, Dr. Clark, but newadvent.org states, ‘Gottschalk’s doctrine concerning the Trinity scarcely admits a Catholic interpretation. He appears to hold that the one and common nature of the three Persons in God is merely an abstract universal, which becomes individualized and receives concrete existence in the three Persons and that, hence, each Person has its own separate deity (see Hinckmars’s “De una et non trina deitate” in P.L., CXXV, 473-618).’ I tried looking up that reference, but it’s not free, and the site was down so I couldn’t purchase it if I wanted to. Is this true? Was he a polytheist as this seems to assert? I only bring this up, because if true, it’s a convenient ad hominem for Roman Catholics to use to distract from his Augustinianism. Thank you!

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