Heidelminicast: Venema Contra Postmillennialism (4)

This episode of the Heidelcast is brought to you by Westminster Seminary California, which is offering a course to the public in person and online January 10–13, 2023 (1:15PM– 4:30PM) by Dr Steve Baugh, The Millennium in Revelation (NT518). This course may be taken for credit in person and it may be audited in person but it may also be audited online. This is a 1 credit course designed to advance students in their exegetical knowledge and facility by studying the millennium in Revelation. The course will focus on syntactical, lexical, literary, and theological analysis of Revelation and other New Testament passages in light of this topic. They will study various introductory issues on eschatology from select New Testament texts, then spend the bulk of the time in the book of Revelation leading up to a closer examination of Revelation 19–22. Though the analysis of the New Testament will be conducted from the Greek text, no knowledge of Greek is required. You may apply for a Listener’s Pass to audit here. Alumni and their spouses may register here

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