Heidelcast For October 23, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (22): Fifth Head Of Doctrine (2)

In this episode, Dr. Clark continues his series on the Canons of Dort where we are looking at the Fifth Head of Doctrine concerning the perseverance of the saints. We turn to what Synod confessed positively about how Christ graciously preserves his people through their pilgrimage in this world—and the Christian life, according to Scripture as understood and confessed by the Reformed churches, is indeed a pilgrimage. Dr. Clark answers questions from Linda about the Revelation Movement and from Alan who wants to know if anyone has translated the words on the doors above the Wittenberg. We’re glad to hear from Michael, a new listener and new Christian who has found the Heidelcast to be a helpful resource! The opening audio clip is Brad Isbell on the Presbycast.

This episode of the Heidelcast is sponsored by Westminster Seminary California. John Calvin said that justification through faith alone is the axis around which everything in the Christian life rotates. Westminster Seminary California is pleased to invite you to join us for our 2023 Annual Conference: From Faith to Faith: The Power of God for the Christian Life. Our conference will explore various facets of doctrine and life as they touch upon the centrality of faith in the Christian life. In particular, we will examine the nature, heart, gift, challenges, and hope of faith. We hope you will be able to join us. Our featured speakers include WSC President Joel Kim, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Craig Troxel, and Dr. Brad Bitner. Please visit wscal.edu for more information and to register for the conference. Westminster Seminary California exists for Christ, His Gospel, and His Church.



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