Heidelcast For October 2, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (19): Third/Fourth Heads Of Doctrine (5)

In this episode, Dr. Clark continues his series on the the Canons of Dort where we are looking at the Third and Fourth Heads of Doctrine of the Canons of Dort on the application of redemption to the elect by the Holy Spirit. Three great errors about regeneration theology appear throughout history. In respect to this, Dr. Clark focuses in on the credal and confessional history of doctrines concerning new life in the Spirit, through grace and faith alone (sola fide, sola gratia). Grace is God’s sovereign, unmerited favor given to those who do not deserve it—it is unassisted, unearned, and works alone. He also answers questions from Caleb in Madison, Indiana, who asked for clarification on the differences, doctrinal and sacramental, between Lutherans and the Federal Visionists. George asks about Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, and Kevin inquired about resources responding to Zionism. The opening audio clip is from our friends at the Presbycast.

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